Party Makeup

partyYou all know the song “Girls, they wanna have fun”. Yes, we like going out for a great party and we also love putting on makeup and looking great! After all, this is the main concern when attending a party: How should I look? What makeup to use and how to dress? We are always making out the best to be the one everybody is looking at admiring. If you are running out of ideas for a party makeup, this is the right place to be. In this article you will find some tips that will help you be gorgeous and also some makeup suggestions.

When going to a party, you apply your makeup depending on two important factors – the party’s nature and the mood you are in.

If you are to go to a fancy party with people from high society, you can try out the following look. Use an eye shadow just a little dark and do not apply it upper then the crease line of the eye lid. After that, you can use a neutral shadow. Instead of abusing the eye liner, use some lash extensions that will make your eyes seem bigger and more “blue blood” like. For the cheeks use a creamy blush in a rosy hue. As for the lips, go with a dark red and burgundy lipstick with a matte texture.

If you don’t know most of the people on the party and want to explore the field, here is your option. Choose the smoky eyes in a dark color (navy blue, for example) and apply a thin line of black eyeliner. Also apply black mascara. Do not accentuate your cheeks, but use a rather neutral color; and for the lips use a light rose lipstick with matte texture.

If you are feeling rebel and wild, you can choose a bolder look. For the eye shadow choose some light and strong colors (like light blue, green or purple) and apply them close to the eyebrows – try using a eye shadow brush.

Do not forget about mascara – just a delicate layer. For a more amazing effect you can use highlighter on the top of your cheeks. Then apply a delicate layer of brown blush and finish with a coral lipstick, a little shinny.

Now, if you are going to a non-formal party where everything is about impressing and shocking, feel free to try the following makeup models.

For the eyes use a dark eye shadow and apply it in a thick layer just above the crease. You can use blue navy. Over this, apply shimmer or glitter in any color you like or what goes best with the eye shadow. For blue navy you can use gold shimmer. For the rest of the face use a discreet makeup.

Another idea is to apply shimmer or glitter as a thick eye liner. Then use an almost neutral eye shadow.

If you want to go even further, besides your eyelids, you can also use shimmer on your eyelashes. Or only below your eyelashes and in the exterior corner of the eye, like a tail.
If you want to go for a rather romantic and mysterious look, you can apply a gold and shimmery eye shadow just until the crease in a thick layer. Then apply a black shadow in a diffuse line above the crease, come down in the last third of the eye lid and finish with a “V” or a full tail in the exterior corner of the eye. Apply a thick layer of mascara, use some neutral blush, and for the lips go with a gloss with a slightly burgundy hue.

Have fun at the party!

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